Information about the Tokyo Lesbian & Gay Parade
Unfortunately, due to a lack of attendance, staff members and resources, the Tokyo Lesbian and Gay Parade will not be held again in 2009. However keep your eyes out for promotions and flyers as a Tokyo Rainbow Festival is supposed to be held in Shinjyuku at some time as well as another parade in Sapporo, Hokkaido. All the lesbians, gays, inter-sexuals, transgenders and all sexual minorities and to those who embrace sexual minorities, please come and show your support by attending these parades.

Parade Guidelines

There are guidlines in place so that the parades run smoothly. This is so that staff members are able to do their job properly.

- Firstly you must registrate.

- Respect the staff

- Walk in four lines during the parade

- Proper attire must be worn and you must not show your genitals, buttocks or breasts.

- Those who want to perform must have it approved before doing so.

- Due to safety hazards, vehicles are not allowed including cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, unicycles, bicycles and in-line skates.

- Posters are allowed but they must be positive and in sync with the theme.

- Leaflets and brochures are not permitted as litter regulations.

- Garbage must be thrown in bins

- Ask before you can take photos and there is a particular area where photography is prohibited.

- Take care of yourself. Drink water, wear a hat, limit alcohol, drug use is prohibited.



What the Parades are Like

"The Parades feel fabulous. In 2002, the theme was "Various LOVE and Various PRIDE". In 2001, the theme was "We are Here, We are Happy!". The parades give us a chance to celebrate our sexual diversity and being. It will surely be appreciated by many of the sexual minority people. The Parade is to make those sexual minorities visible in society who are regarded as not existingor invisible. Lets participate in as large a number as possible and show the people in Shibuya that there are so many sexual minority people who are living as their neighbors and fellow citizens. We are all here as what we are!"

- Gay Supporter